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Maximize Operator productivity and operations data accuracy with real-time host access over any IP-based network (WiFi, GPRS/3G, 4G, LAN/Ethernet). Support concurrent, networked users for real-time or on-demand mobile applications.

MCL-Net is the communications server that manages Mobility Application(s) wireless communications for concurrent users in Ethernet, WiFi and WWAN (GPRS/UMTS/4G) deployments.

What's more, MCL-Net is extremely scalable. With the ability to handle from just 1 device up to thousands of devices per server, MCL-Net can handle the mobile worker transactions for any enterprise - large or small.

Waiting for Data is #1 Bottle-Neck in many systems. MCL-Net doesn't let you wait, it is geared and optimized for transactional data handling as often used in warehousing, logistics, or other data capture rich operations.

One Fits All

If you are implementing mobility solutions with just a few Operators or addressing multi-site, large scale installations, MCL-Net will offer a robust, stable, and extremely scalable communications solution.

Allowing your Operators to switch between Wireless-WiFi to Wireless-GPRS/3G/4G will be no issue at all with MCL-Net as it supports both Inside-the-4-walls and outside-the-4-walls implementations.

Flexible Network Architecture

Servers running instances of MCL-Net may be co-located or geographically distributed.
Geographically separated MCL-Net servers may be connected over your corporate LAN or over the internet. Your MCL-Net may even be at a completely different physical location than your mobile computers.

One instance of MCL-Net can handle your WLAN communications while another can handle your GPRS or GSM WWAN mobile worker communications.

Implement your MCL-Net network communications in the best way fitting your needs.

Scalable Power

MCL-Net is extremely scalable. Each instance of MCL-Net can handle up to thousands of mobile computers, and each server can run multiple instances of MCL-Net.
From a minimum configuration that handles only a single mobile computer, to a maximum configuration of up to 62,500 mobile computers per server, your MCL-Net configuration can expand over time to suit your business' growth.

MCL-Net provides data exchange for Mobility Applications including data files, images, label formats, and data records between host systems and mobile computers.

Since only mobile application related data is exchanged, MCL-Net minimizes network traffic.

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    Guaranteed Data Delivery

Guaranteed Data Delivery

MCL-Net incorporates several industry standard technologies inside the build-in communication layers providing exceptionally fast and guaranteed data delivery between your mobile computers and your host systems. It utilizes http/https protocols ensuring secured data communications. It guarantees data delivery and takes away the need for your operators and it-teams to worry about data integrity.

    Extremely Low Resource Usage

Extremely Low Resource Usage

MCL-Net easily handles millions of business transactions daily, while minimizing resource usage. MCL-Net's efficiency is identified every time again a customer load-test is conducted. Such tests indicates that at peak times, e.g. when 4 million transactions are performed within a 24-hour period, the CPU load created by MCL-Net will not be much more than just a few percentage, while typically databases will take over 60-80% CPU time to handle a similar amount of transactions.

    Load Balancing

Load Balancing

Load balance your population of mobile computers, Load balance your network traffic, Load balance your host traffic. Take a host off-line and automatically redistribute mobile computer traffic to other live hosts.

    Back-Up Server

Back-Up Server

Continue your operations without interruption in the event of planned server maintenance, server backup, or server upgrade, or in the case of unfortunate events such as hardware failure or e.g. virus attack.

  • MCL Technologies is a computer software company that provides leading products for building, implementing and maintaining Mobility Applications. It offers an industry leading Development, Interfacing and SaaS based Mobile Lifecycle Management environment for business mobility solutions through its five major product lines: MCL-Designer, MCL-Client, MCL-Net, MCL-Bridges (ERP/WMS/DB/Web), and MCL-Mobility Platform

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