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Run apps efficiently on your mobile devices with MCL-Client

Many enterprises are implementing Mobility Solutions to improve efficiency and increase their bottom line.
Each vertical segment optimization, being logistics, retail, proof on delivery, or any other segment requires the right set of features in terms of hardware and software.

MCL-Collecton with MCL-Designer allows enterprises to mix and match device types best fitting the needs of your mobile workers, seamlessly switch between communication options (WiFi, Ethernet, 3G/4G), and simply decide on how to exchange business data with your back-end systems.

You can choose from having your devices connected directly to your back-end systems or benefit from standard technologies including native support for webservices.

Based on MCL’s unified comms to back-end servers your IT Department or Solution Provider can offer you the best fit for your needs.

Leverage Device Capabilities - natively

MCL provides Mobility Solutions geared around datacapture technologies. The apps you create in MCL-Designer will take full advantage of the embedded datacapture technologies such as barcode scanners, imagers, RF-ID readers, and voice recognition capabilities.

Unlike other standard solutions, the MCL-Client which is implemented and running locally on each device, will expose the full feature set of such datacapture technologies to the application. Developers can now integrate the many advanced data capture features in mobile computers.

This approach will offer the best performance in each circumstance. MCL provides MCL-Clients for a series of devices and allows seamless, without the need to change anything, porting from one device to another, keeping the performance at the highest level possible.

Unique Adaptive screen technology

An ongoing consumerization of IT is resulting in a constant release of new devices with changed 'speeds&feeds' such as upgraded screen sizes and resolutions.

Having a mixed estate of mobile devices implemented requires advanced programming solutions avoiding enterprises to maintain multiple apps and solutions for each of them.

MCL offers a unique adaptive screen technology resizing the app to the best screen resolution possible of the device it is running on. There is no need to change anything for that. One fits all.

Select your device

Feeling constrained by your current software provider, who offers software created in a traditional way, on the type of devices you can choose from?

Organizations can now choose from a wide range of mobile devices fitting the exact needs of your projects.

Your MCL application offers a rich user experience with the responsiveness only a thick client/native applications can deliver, without the headache of manually updating each application on each deployed device.

MCL-Technologies has qualified a series of mobile devices, offered by top-manufacturers including Motorola and Honeywell. Each of these manufacturers are producing voice-dedicated hardware, like wearable terminals, as well as multi-modal equipment which can even be used for other applications next to your voice solution.
View the list of supported devices and find the device fitting your needs.

See overview of supported devices

Supported devices


Kiosk Mode offered by AppDesktop

AppDesktop allows you to create a personalized 'desktop' on the mobile devices implemented showing only the apps your operators require to work with.

The kiosk mode prevents your operators from entering the low-level OS settings by blocking access to the standard OS environment.

Bridges to Enterprise Data and Apps

Enterprise applications such as Databases or Warehouse Management Systems contain huge amounts of information, yet mobile Operators typically just need a subset of this data to perform their daily tasks.
Presenting them the entire data set can overwhelm the mobile experience, reducing productivity and increase device costs with expanded memory requirements.

Applications made with MCL-Designer easily connect to the most popular databases, Web and cloud services, internet protocols and mobile devices – giving you incredible business flexibility for both clients and servers.
With an MCL Mobility Solution you're in complete charge of your WMS/ERP/... data -the amount of data stored on the device, how it is presented (for example on the screen or with voice commands), what specific data is stored on the device, when it is updated and when it is erased.

MCL-Collection is offering a suite of products incorporating several Integration Solutions connecting your back-end ERP/WMS or Database Systems with your mobile Operators.

Encrypted and Compressed

All data send by MCL applications to a back-end server can be encrypted and compressed avoiding any 'open' data to be visible during transportation.

The link between a device equipped with MCL and MCL-Net is protected at the highest standards possible offering secure data communications.

See how MCL-Net can help you in providing best-of-quality communications

MCL-Net V4


  • MCL Technologies is a computer software company that provides leading products for building, implementing and maintaining Mobility Applications. It offers an industry leading Development, Interfacing and SaaS based Mobile Lifecycle Management environment for business mobility solutions through its five major product lines: MCL-Designer, MCL-Client, MCL-Net, MCL-Bridges (ERP/WMS/DB/Web), and MCL-Mobility Platform

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