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Integration Flexibility

Integrate with Backend Systems

Enterprise applications such as Databases or Warehouse Management Systems contain huge amounts of information, yet Mobility users typically just need a subset of this data to perform their daily tasks. Presenting them the entire data set can overwhelm the mobile experience, reducing productivity and increase device costs with expanded memory requirements.

With MCL's Mobility Solution you're in complete charge of your WMS data -the amount of data stored on the device, how it is presented (for example on the screen or with voice commands), what specific data is stored on the device, when it is updated and when it is erased.

MCL's Mobility Solution is part of MCL-Collection, a suite of products incorporating several Integration Solutions connecting your back-end ERP/WMS or Database Systems with your Mobile Voice Operators.

Connect your Mobile Operators with SAP®

If you use SAP® to drive your "shop-floor" operations in retail, warehouse, distribution, manufacturing, or transportation and logistics and want to improve your shop-floor worker productivity or your shop-floor related SAP® data integrity by implementing MCL's Mobility Solutions, you need MCL-Bridge for SAP®.

This high-productivity, fully integrated software allows you to interface warehousing, logistic, manufacturing, or any SAP&re; transactions right from the point of activity, directly into SAP®. It is offering an optimized mobile operator application and optimized user interface for any operation that uses a standard SAP® Interface protocol:

- Remote Function Call (RFC)
- Intermediate Document (IDOC)
- Business Application Programming Interface (BAPI)

MCL's Mobility Solution will seamlessly integrate with your SAP® System fully compliant with SAP's methods.

Connect your Mobile Operators with your Back-End Database Systems

MCL-Bridge for DataBases integrates your mobility solution with the host Database-Application(s).
Many ERP/WMS solutions are based on DataBase Systems, keeping your data available for your Enterprise applications. MCL-Bridge for DataBases utilizes industry standard techniques offering a high level of reliability and data integrity when connecting to a DataBase.

It allows for integration with one-user AccessDB environments up to large Enterprise Database Systems such as Oracle® or Microsoft-SQL®.
Your MCL Mobility Solution is instantly in-line with your database, as the integrated nature of MCL-Collection offers DataBase connectivity and validation options already during the design phase of the solution.

Connect your Mobile Operators with your Back-End WebServices

More and more ERP and WMS software solutions are offering pre-defined Web Services as their mainstream interface to their applications. The MCL-Bridge for Web Services uses Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) technology to easily customize data exchange and connectivity between MCL's Mobility Solution and host ERP/WMS systems.
Web services is an industry standard technology for deploying and providing access to business functions from the ERP or WMS Systems over a company's in-house Intranet or the World Wide Web. Using Web services enables MCL's Mobility Solutions to be integrated more rapidly, easily, and cheaply than ever before.

Forward Migration compatibility

MCL Bridges (for SAP® / ERP-WMS / Database Systems / Web Services) is part of MCL's modular, layered approach offering the exchange of single shop-floor transaction data coming from your mobile operators with multiple host systems - such as to Navision/MS Dynamics, SAP, Oracle, and a WMS - simultaneously.

For example, a SAP® generated task can trigger MCL's Mobility Application to query an Oracle database. MCL's Mobility Application can then update both the back-end SAP® and Oracle systems with the resulting transaction.

It allows seamless, forward migration in situations that enterprises are changing from one ERP/WMS system to another, as it can update multiple systems for a period of time.

Mix and Match Device Types best for your operations

MCL Bridges (for SAP® / ERP-WMS / Database Systems / Web Services) are cross manufacturer, cross-operating systems compatible. Mix and match mobile device populations and form factors to maximize worker productivity.

Each MCL-Bridge provides the same interface and connectivity regardless of the mobile computer features, Operating System, and form factor.

Integrate your MCL Mobility Applications with any
database or host application - Back Office - WMS - ERP System

Mobilize your operators to increase their productivity and your business data integrity with MCL-Bridges

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